Topic: Component and animations not working in Ruby on Rails src rendered turbo-frames

adlumin priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior Animations work correctly inside a Ruby on Rails turbo-frame rendered from a src url or from a turbo_stream.

Actual behavior I have a Ruby on Rails app. The animations for select, dropdown, and search work correctly when the elements and classes are used inside or outside a turbo-frame. But, when the turbo-frame is rendered from a src url or when an element is updated from a turbo_stream, the animations no longer work.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Both search boxes are using the same HTML:

<div class="input-group mb-4">
  <div class="form-outline">
    <input type="search" id="form1" class="form-control" />
    <label class="form-label" for="form1">Search</label>

The top search input is outside of a turbo-frame. The bottom search input is inside a turbo-frame that was rendered from a src URL and lazy loaded.

no focus

Here the top input is focused and the animation works correctly outside the turbo-frame

top focused

Here the bottom input inside the turbo-frame is focused and the animation did not work and there is no blue outline around the input.

bottom focused

Here is an error reported in the Chrome browser console:

enter image description here

With the dropdown component, the dropdown works correctly outside a turbo-frame rendered from a src URL, but when inside, the fade in animation doesn't work.

With a select component outside a src rendered turbo-frame, it correctly generates the HTML for the new select dropdown and hides the element. When placed inside a src rendered turbo-frame, none of the HTML for the select component is generated and only the default select element is displayed with the default browser dropdown.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 year ago

We have no experience with turbo link but it looks like a problem with component initialization. Try to initialize the components added by turbo link manually.

In the case of inputs, the appropriate code can be found here: The other components have an API tab where you will find the code with which you can do init via JS

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