Topic: Datatables localization missing

MrSchizo pro asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior

Every text of the datatable module should be configurable by JS options in

Actual behavior

In src/mdb/pro/datatable/index.js line 241 the word "of" for the navigation text is hardcoded:

get navigationText() { const firstVisibleEntry = this._activePage * this._options.entries; return ${firstVisibleEntry + 1} - ${this.computedRows.length + firstVisibleEntry} **of** ${ this.searchResult.length }; }

Please make is configurable using the JS API

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 1 year ago

In order to assess the possibility of localization, you need to look into API tab of components you think you may need to use.

I will use the File Upload plugin as an example.

You can customize text for Remove button and all Errorr messages with options such as: removeBtn, previewMsg, maxSizeError, mainError, formatError, defaultMsg.

gammans_scott free answered 1 year ago

Hello, is localization of your components and plug-ins still on the “to-do” list for mdbootstrap 5? This is literally the only thing that makes me hesitant to pull the trigger on licensing MDB Pro 5 for our team—we have an enterprise application that must support ten different languages, including two RTL’s.

Even if we have to do the localization ourselves that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker—what worries me is that HOW to localize your components and plug-ins doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere (at least not from what I can see in the public documentation).

If I am mistaken, please point me to where resource localization is discussed for your components and plug-ins so that I can take a look and judge the level of effort that would be required. Thank you.

Dawid Wajszczuk staff answered 3 years ago


Thanks for your feedback. I have added this to our TODO list.

Keep coding,

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