Topic: Datatables no server side pagination/sorting?

BigMonkey pro asked 2 years ago

Looking at the Datatables feature it seems the sorting and pagination options are strictly client side implementation is that right?

When working with potentially very large data sets it's not practical to fetch all the data to the client and perform client side sorting and pagination. Say you have 100000 records you want to display, you can't pull them all to the client side at the same time.

There should be a way to manually feed pagination data that's not tied to the current dataset on the client side. Event should be fired when sorting is requested so updated dataset can be fetched from the server.

Maybe I'm not seeing it in the docs but it seems like this feature is very limited for real world applications.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

I will add this to our list of ideas. We will discuss in the team the possibility of adding such an option.

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