Topic: Datatables server-side sorting and pagination

Torroni pro asked 1 month ago

Expected behavior I think it would be extremely useful to enhance the Datatables component in such a way to enable server-side sorting and pagination. Client-side sorting is only useful when the dataset is small. If the table is populated with the results of a query performed on a database, the result set could contain millions of records. Possible implementation: add an event that is fired when the use clicks on a sort arrow and another event that is fired when the user clicks on a pagination button; add the necessary logic to allow the client javascript code to update the data after such events are fired but before the table is re-rendered.

Actual behavior Datatables performs client-side sorting and pagination. To implement server-side sorting and pagination, one has to use the simple table and add all the necessary UI components and event handlers, which is a lot of work.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

kpienkowska staff answered 4 weeks ago

We are working on developing tables that will support server side sorting and pagination and will generally be optimized to handle large amounts of data.

Torroni pro commented 4 weeks ago

Great, this is good news.

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