Topic: Datepicker Attribut data-mdb-weekdays-narrow error priority asked 1 year ago

Hi,I am using mdboostrap 5 version 4.3.0 and have the following problem. If I set the options per attribute in a Datepicker component as follows, it works very well, e.g. with the title or the format:

data-mdb-format="" data-mdb-cancel-btn-text="Abbrechen" (that works fine)

If I want to set the option "weekdaysNarrow" as an"['So', 'Mo', 'Di', 'Mi', 'Do', 'Fr', 'Sa']"

...the error always comes up:

Uncaught Error: DATEPICKER: Option "weekdaysNarrow" provided type "string" but expected type "array".

How i can pass option array-parameters (e.g. weekdaysNarrow, monthsFull, monthsShort, weekdaysFull, weekdaysNarrow, weekdaysShort) with attributes to datepicker component cleanly and without errors?

Kind regards,Stefan

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 1 year ago

You cannot use data attributes for datepicker translations. Arrays cannot be passed through HTML. You need to follow the translation example and use JS:

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