Topic: FileUpload initialization not working

davesmacer priority asked 5 months ago

I can't seem to use:

var fileUploadInst = new FileUpload(photoInputElem);

I'm getting next error:

> Uncaught TypeError: (0 , t.initMDB) is not a function
>     at i.value (file-upload.js:81:13)
>     at new i (file-upload.js:71:10)

davesmacer priority commented 5 months ago

I have to use JS initialization because I add html dynamically to my site, it's not there on first refresh, so the tag data-mdb-file-upload-init is not working

davesmacer priority commented 5 months ago

Treeview plugin is not working either, is giving similar error

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 5 months ago

Auto inits are performed on the page load. If you add anything later you need to initialize it yourself with JS. That's just how the package works.

Here is how you should initialize File Input with JS:

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