Topic: How can I add a toggler button to this navbar?

BradleyByerly04 priority asked 5 months ago

I'm trying to set up a website where the first bit is a full page video so I was going to use the demo one that was made to demonstrate what it was, but when the page gets resized to a phones size there is no toggler and no way to access the navbar, I've tried just pasting a toggler from another navbar hoping maybe that would work but it didn't. What can I do to get the toggler to appear?

Here's the demo I'm using Snippet

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 5 months ago

It was delibetare that there was no collapse in this example.

You can remove .d-none .d-lg-block classes from .navbar but then you will have to take care of styling collapse that without it would be white. Navbar is translucent and have colorful background because of negative margin on next paragraph.

BradleyByerly04 priority commented 5 months ago

What would you recommend doing to accomplish this?

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 5 months ago

It is design choise so it should much your project.

Easiest way would be to set solid background for the navbar below set width:

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