How we reset the form without triggering validation

Topic: How we reset the form without triggering validation

maheshbasapur pro premium asked 1 months ago

Expected behavior All the elements in the form should go to original state and validation errors should not appear

Actual behavior Validation errors shown on the form

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const form = document.getElementById('formNewTeamMember');

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To reset the appearance of the form (for instance, in the case of dynamic form submissions using AJAX), remove the .was-validated class from the form after submission.

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maheshbasapur pro premium commented 1 months ago

This is a straight forward solution I had tried before submitting question here

My problem was I was not stopping the propagation of the event that was triggering the validation.

Specific reason is, I associated the submit handler to onSubmit attribute of the form tag as below

Now, solved this problem by removing onSubmit attribute like this

and added lister in the javascript as below

document.getElementById("formNewTeamMember").addEventListener("submit", function(event){

        //Handler code here




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