improving select component/plugin

Topic: improving select component/plugin

sody pro premium priority asked 2 months ago

Expected behavior

allow select to :

  1. pick multiple "tags"

  2. allow integration of remote data "Seamlessly" with data / autocomplete

Actual behavior

  1. no multiple tags (with X to get rid of specific tag)

  2. remote integration somehow tricky

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Add functionality as select2 ( plugin - its for jquery but you get the idea


Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 months ago

Can you say more about these? especially on point 2. It will be easiest if you provide an example.

sody pro premium priority commented 2 months ago

Hi, 1. Tags is obvious, no? 2. Remote integration is problematic specially with options recieved from server with "selected" which causes problems to change selection via js (tested in jquery env). 3. I didnt mention but i cant find docu to style elements directly without having to css/div .. its not straight.

Maybe there are solutiins but all not straight..


Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 months ago

  1. I think you mean multiselect:
  2. You must describe exactly what your problem is. It's best if you create a snippet and write exactly what doesn't work for you.
  3. At the moment, we do not provide ready-made additional styles/templates or skins that will allow you to change the appearance of select. Changes should be made on your own by adding appropriate CSS styles

sody pro premium priority commented 2 months ago

  1. what i actually meant is like select2 - pilled selects , so here:

choosing multiple options gives tag like (as when you open ticket and add tags)... in the link its choose from given list, but it should also aloow (on demand by options or so) to choose tags not in the list.

  1. i'll create a snippet and send you.

  2. pitty.. its a must have option to be able to customize the look and the text and maybe add avatars as in select2:


Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 months ago

  1. This looks like ours chips with autocomplete feature. I Add this to ours idea list. We will discuss it in the team and maybe we add this feature.

  2. We have a similar feature:

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  • Technology: MDB Standard
  • MDB Version: MDB5 3.9.0
  • Device: desktop
  • Browser: chrome
  • OS: windows10
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