Topic: Individual Modules not working with javascript mdb

darekjan premium asked 2 years ago


Firstly thanks for a great product! I only need to use a few of your components and due to speed and optimisation i am trying to load only module i need, in this case Modal and select.

When I load individual modal.min.js and select.min.js modules my function throws an "mdb not defined" error when I call mdb. Please advise how the I can manipulate select and modal with JS without importing mdb.min.js. When I use mdb.min.js instead of the individual components the script works.

using the following modules /js/modules/modal.min.js /js/modules/select.min.js

function CallMeBackModal(OptionValue) { event.preventDefault(); //Set select value based on button pressed const selectEl = document.getElementById('modal-cta-type'); const select = (mdb.Select.getInstance(selectEl)).setValue(OptionValue);

const myModalEl = document.getElementById('callmebackModal');
const modal = new mdb.Modal(myModalEl);;


Dawid Wajszczuk staff commented 2 years ago

Try calling Modal and Select without mdb. prefix.

darekjan premium commented 2 years ago

Works thanks! It has to be aall small letters thou, case sensitivity....

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