Input field label doesn't update styles when value set programmatically

Topic: Input field label doesn't update styles when value set programmatically

somboo free asked 1 year ago

*_Expected behavior_*When an input field value is set programmatically, the label should move up...consistent with MD style labels.

*_Actual behavior_*The input behaves properly when clicked manually, but not when the value is set via javascript. So, the value set in the field has the label displayed on top of it.

I have tried programmatically triggering various events, such as change, input, focus, and others, after updating the value and the result was the same each time.

*_Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)_*The html and javascript below do successfully update the value of the input, on button click, and the new value does display, however, it displays with the input label obscuring the value.

<div class="form-outline">
  <input type="text" id="form1" class="form-control" />
  <label class="form-label" for="form1">Example label</label>
<button type="button" id="set_value" class="btn btn-primary">Set Value</button>

        document.querySelector('#set_value').addEventListener('click', ()=>{
          document.getElementById('form1').value = 'Some new value';

somboo free commented 1 year ago

Well, I found the solution myself. I'm sharing it here in case anyone else needs it. Add the following code to your function after you've changed all of the values for the page:

    document.querySelectorAll('.form-outline').forEach((formOutline) => {
                new mdb.Input(formOutline).init();

It appears that instead of responding to a change event and handling it properly, the Input object has to be reinitialized each time a change is made programmatically.

somboo free commented 1 year ago

A bit more info on this. The same behavior appears to occur when a user enters the value and then uses the browser back and forward buttons to move off of the page and back again. It is properly displayed when the user leaves the page and then, when they return, the label is covering the value. It seems to me that moving the handling of these events into the Input, rather than requiring the developer to reinitialize each time, would result in more consistently appropriate behavior.

somboo free commented 1 year ago

Okay, more related problems. I'm now trying to work with a select. I was having issues with the label when I set the value using javascript, so I tried using the setValue method on the mdb.Select. That did get the label out of the select, but it is now under the select and does not do the floating to the top animation. Any suggestions? I tried using the setValue method, but found that it only works when I create a new Select because mdb.Select.getInstance is returning null when I send it a properly formatted select. Creating it new works, but it also creates another select...which is not what I want.

To sum up, the biggest issue is that the following code doesn't work because the instance is null. Any suggestions?

const select = document.querySelector('#mySelect');
const instance = mdb.Select.getInstance(select);

Fabio Farias free answered 10 months ago

just set:

document.querySelectorAll('.form-outline').forEach((formOutline) => { new mdb.Input(formOutline).init(); });

$(".form-notch").css("display", "none");

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 year ago

We are already working on solving the input problem. We will fix it as soon as possible.

As for select, I can't reproduce this error. Everything works fine for me. Look here:

Maybe your selector is not correct?

somboo free commented 1 year ago

I must not have communicated the issue with select well. The problem occurs when you use a label with the select. I tried adding a label to your snippet and did reproduce the styling problem. The label is positioned under the select instead of behaving like an MD label.

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 1 year ago

I added a label in the snippet and I can see that it positioned correctly:

somboo free commented 1 year ago

Thank you for the snippet. It seems the problem may have been due to my select label missing the select-label class. But, I'm not sure that solved it because the mdb.Select.getInstance(select) function is returning null. I have confirmed that the value I am sending in for select is the element and not null. Any ideas what would make that function return null? I had similar problems with getInstance on some other mdb classes and ended up not using them. Could it be due to them being on modals? The one time I got getInstance to give me something that was not null was when I used it for content not on a modal. Should I start another issue report for this? Thanks again.

Krzysztof Wilk staff commented 1 year ago


Could you make a code example for the select issue? It's hard to say what can cause the problem. For example - there is the possibility that the element is null when you are trying to get it before it initializes and loads. You can use setTimeout to check that :) Or you can try to change the value after the event shown.mdb.modal occurs? To make sure that your select component is displayed properly in the DOM tree?

According to the second question - if you have more troubles with components I think it is a great idea to make a separate topic, but if it only occurs in the select or modals - it's related, so you can leave it here.

Best regards

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