jcarvalho priority asked 4 months ago

Can u please provide am a example of Input mask.Having trouble getting it to work.

I am dynamically adding a Phone number filed to DOM (code below) up on clicking a button.


Using Javascript, i will have to apply the mask, for the above field is NOT there on the JSP page when initially rendered.

const options = { inputMask: "(999) 999-9999"}const el = document.getElementById('phone0');new mdb.InputMask(el, options);

Getting: Uncaught TypeError: mdb.InputMask is not a constructor

new InputMask(el, options);Getting: InputMask is not defined

FYI,i have the generall CSS and JS (mdb.umd.min.js & all.min.js) files included.enter image description here

jcarvalho priority commented 4 months ago

In a nutshell looking for an example.

Looking to apply Mask on a dynamically added input field (Button click) on a JSP page.

Need to apply mask using Javascript.

Also would like to mention. Sample Code - Sandbox (Javascript Input mask) is not working. Getting the same error. Uncaught ReferenceError: InputMask is not defined

Thank you.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 4 months ago

Try this:

const options = { inputMask: "(999) 999-9999" }
const el = document.getElementById('phone0');
new Inputmask(el, options);

We currently have a bug that forces the use of Inputmask instead of InputMask. We will fix it asap

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