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Realmonitor Ltd priority asked 2 years ago


I would like to suggest a better mode to handle localization. Presently one has to create a new instance of the control, to apply its own language. This causing trouble, because the controls not properly cleaning up after themselves. (a good example the Select and Popconfirm controls). The Select leaves a mess and example clears out the label tag when the instance is recreated, the Popconfirm if its in modal mode, with next call leaves the disabled background with no popup... Does not matter that is not the purpose of my writing. I would like to suggest to provide a second static method beside the getInstance, a "setOptions", where the user can set all the generic options they want to use for a specific control at the beginning. This will allow to override Defaults and it will be no need to forcibly remove every created controls and manually recreate them just because I want a label or two to be in a different language.


Michał Duszak staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I will add this suggestion to our Ideas list.

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