Topic: MDB 5 Modal not displaying

Kevin Raymond free asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior Modal is displayed. This works on all the documentation examples and in the test snippet I created.

Actual behavior No Modal is displayed. No errors in console.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) I created a test snippet based on the index.html that comes in the MDB Pro archive and the basic Modal example code. This works fine in the snippet but locally nothing. It's got to be something easy I'm overlooking, right?


Kevin Raymond free answered 3 years ago

This is completely from scratch using only code from the examples, and the mdb infix is present. The exact code from the snippet doesn’t display the modal when I use it locally.

Maybe I have a different MDB version locally than I think (can’t check right now)?

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 3 years ago

It is possible that you have a 2x version locally and you copy the code from 3.0.0. You can check this by simply removing the mdb infix and seeing if it fixed the bug.

Kevin Raymond free commented 3 years ago

Sorry for the delayed response - this is what is was. I knew it was something silly. :facepalm:


bruhbred free answered 3 years ago

Hello Team i Have been trying to make a modal, i used the code in the documentation and i tried the fix for adding 'mdb' in my data-toggle and data-target

below is a copy of my code Launch modal

Are you sure?

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 3 years ago

Unfortunately, your code has not been added. Which version of MDB are you using? Please create a snippet with a code that doesn't work for you. I'll check it.

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago

I guess you did update from MDB v2 to MDB v3 and those modals stopped working? Please see this link: There were some significant changes in v3. In this case, it will be about adding Infix mdb. Change data-toggle and data-target to data-mdb-toggle and data-mdb-target

bruhbred free commented 3 years ago

Hello there, i have tried doing that, but it does not launch a Modal.

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