Topic: mdb-datatable-hover-color does not change text color in an mdbdatatable

DashMarketingGroup priority asked 4 weeks ago

Following the documentation, I am trying to use the following CSS to render the colors of an mdbdatatable row when the user hovers over it. The background color statement works, but the one to set the text forecolor does not. Is there something I am missing? Here's the CSS:

    .datatable {
    --mdb-datatable-hover-bg: #efeeb3;
    --mdb-datatable-font-size: 18px;
    --mdb-datatable-hover-color: #ffffff;
    --mdb-datatable-hover-tbody-tr-transition: #304753 0.2s ease-in;

The font-size and hover-color values work correctly, but the hover-bg does not. Can you please advise?

Kamila Pieńkowska staff answered 3 weeks ago

I don't understand. I've prepared a snippet with your code and background color on hover uses provided value:

DashMarketingGroup priority commented 3 weeks ago

Your own example doesn't work. The question is about the color of the text when a row is hovered over. The background color changes, but the text color stays the same, even though your code says it should be white text on a yellow background.

Kamila Pieńkowska staff commented 3 weeks ago

You wrote hover-bg does not work, that made me confused.

I've updated my snippet so font color will be changed too.

DashMarketingGroup priority answered 3 weeks ago

Your updated snippet worked. Thank you!

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