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jzambranoMDB priority asked 1 year ago

i need use a sideNav, but have this error:

When put this lines in js: const sidenav = document.getElementById("sidenav-1"); const sidenavInstance = mdb.Sidenav.getInstance(sidenav);

the error is: mdb is not defined

code snipet @ViewBag.Title - Contabilidad y bancos web

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" integrity="sha384-EVSTQN3/azprG1Anm3QDgpJLIm9Nao0Yz1ztcQTwFspd3yD65VohhpuuCOmLASjC" crossorigin="anonymous">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src="" integrity="sha256-nQLuAZGRRcILA+6dMBOvcRh5Pe310sBpanc6+QBmyVM=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script src="" integrity="sha384-ApNbgh9B+Y1QKtv3Rn7W3mgPxhU9K/ScQsAP7hUibX39j7fakFPskvXusvfa0b4Q" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="" integrity="sha384-w76AqPfDkMBDXo30jS1Sgez6pr3x5MlQ1ZAGC+nuZB+EYdgRZgiwxhTBTkF7CXvN" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script src=""></script>

<!-- MDB icon -->

<link rel="icon" href="~/Content/Imagenes/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
<!-- Font Awesome -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<!-- Google Fonts Roboto -->
<link rel="stylesheet"
      href=";400;500;700&display=swap" />

<link href="~/MDB/css/mdb.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!-- MDB PLUGINS -->
<link href="~/MDB/plugins/css/all.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!-- Custom styles -->
<link href="~/Content/Site.css" rel="stylesheet" />

@RenderSection("Head", false)

<script src="~/MDB/js/mdb.min.js"></script>
<!-- MDB PLUGINS -->
<script src="~/MDB/plugins/js/all.min.js"></script>
<!-- Custom scripts -->
<script src="~/MDB/js/cyb.js"></script>


Mateusz Lazaru staff answered 1 year ago

Are you using It looks like a script where you're trying to get an instance of the sidenav is being executed before MDB import.

You should find a way to delay executing the script wchich includes getInstance() method.

This may be a good solution:


<script src="~/MDB/js/mdb.min.js"></script>
<!-- MDB PLUGINS -->
<script src="~/MDB/plugins/js/all.min.js"></script>

@RenderSection("Scripts", required: false)


@section Scripts {
  <script type="text/javascript" src="~/mdb-pro/sidenav-code.js"></script>

It should force executing code in expected order.

jzambranoMDB priority commented 1 year ago

Hi, Thanks for you help. I made that but not work for me. maybe i not undesrstand.

My project is in with MVC

I can`t find: sidenav-code.js"

Note: The side nav work well when launch project (Home / Index), but when open another controller say: mdb is not defined.

Thanks again.

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