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jtaite free asked 1 year ago

I have MDB Lightbox installed and have a webpage (gallery) with 60 or so thumbnails linking to larger images and it is technically working but It seems like the lightbox doesn't work until all large images are loaded.

Is there any way to have the images lazy loaded or somehow loaded as needed? It's very frustrating that I can't click on the first thumbnail and have the large image open until all 60 large photos are loaded.

Thanks for any help.

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago


could you send me a link to your page or recreate the problem in a snippet?

jtaite free commented 1 year ago

I can't link to the page as it's under development and password protected - not to mention, many of the photos are a bit adult. I could grant access if it's in a one to one email, but not in a public forum like this.

After experimenting with more gallery pages, the more photos there are in a gallery, the longer it takes to load the first large image when you click on the first thumbnail image.

I have a gallery with 120 images and once clicking on the first thumbnail it takes 12 seconds to open the first large images. In a gallery with 90 images, it takes 8 seconds to open the first image.

Once the first large image has been opened, then the gallery is working perfectly without delay or pause whether it's swiping through the large photos or clicking a thumbnail.

Any chance to get email support?

Mateusz Lazaru staff commented 1 year ago

I was able to reproduce the problem, so I think in this case email support will not be necessary, unless there is something more we can help with. We will try to fix this lightbox optimization problem soon.

jtaite free commented 1 year ago

That would be awesome. Your lightbox is one of the best I've seen/used. Looking forward to the fix.

jtaite free answered 1 year ago

Another suggestion, if you are working on updating the Lightbox is adding a slideshow feature!

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