Topic: MDB still missing Offcanvas

PerfectCamp priority asked 10 months ago

When are you going to support Offcanvas? I don't see it in your documentation. OffCanvas is a component of Bootstrap 5 added about 2 years ago. I scanned these forums and you said 2 years ago you would be updating MDB.

Has it happened? What is the delay?

Bootstrap 5 Offcanvas

PerfectCamp priority answered 10 months ago

Thanks Michael! Your staff sent me a link to Offcanvas support in MDB. For those who need Offcanvas in MDB here is a hidden link that you never knew existed. MDB Offcanvas

Micheal, even though you think SideNav is superior there are many bugs in your version that don't appear to be a priority to fix. Many devs just can't use it right now. Just search these forums to see the existing bugs. Offcanvas should be part of your main navigation under Components for those who want to display off canvas content that doesn't include navigation. For example, a shopping cart flyout. Or in our case, we are doing a map Filter that slides in along the right side of the page. Anyways, thanks for supporting this component! Together with Sidenav these 2 are great companions.

Michal Szymanski staff commented 10 months ago

Thank you for informing me about this. I will take a closer look at these issues and make an effort with a team to make it better.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 10 months ago

That's because MDB offers a much more advanced component - SideNav

Adding bootstrap Offcanvas would increase the package weight, but wouldn't provide any additional value above that what our SideNav can offer.

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