Topic: MDB5 Modal not working with Fontawesome Icon

stern.peter.78 free asked 3 years ago

**Expected behavior**A Modal should open, if I click on a button. Then an event (Javascript) should modify the modal while showing modal**Actual behavior**If I click directly on the icon, the modal open, but the event (Javascript) didn't start and an error occurs:

mdb.min.js:306 Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation at Object.findOne (mdb.min.js:306) at new i (mdb.min.js:312) at i. (mdb.min.js:312) at new i (mdb.min.js:312) at HTMLButtonElement. (mdb.min.js:312) at HTMLDocument.e (mdb.min.js:306)findOne @ mdb.min.js:306i @ mdb.min.js:312(anonymous) @ mdb.min.js:312i @ mdb.min.js:312(anonymous) @ mdb.min.js:312e @ mdb.min.js:306**Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)**![enter image description here][1]![enter image description here][2] [1]: [2]:

              <button type="button" class="btn btn-outline-success ms-5" 
          <i class="fa fa-plus"></i>


` const modalEdit = document.getElementById('modalEdit');

modalEdit.addEventListener('show.mdb.modal', (event) => {

  const button = event.relatedTarget;

  modalEdit.querySelector('.modal-title').textContent = `Edit Setting`;
  document.getElementById('set-Name').value = "Test";
  document.getElementById('btnOk').textContent = "Update";

Ben Dunn free answered 2 years ago

We are also still seeing this issue.

Dawid Wajszczuk staff commented 2 years ago

Hi. Can you provide a snippet with this issue Which version of MDB do you use?

mgray priority answered 3 years ago

For people who arrived here like me, this issue has not been fixed in 3.1. That's why I think that this ticket should be reopened.

stern.peter.78 free answered 3 years ago

I've already found a workaround. Now I call a function which will start the Modal. Then it also works with icon.

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