tirandagan pro asked 3 weeks ago

Hi there,

I just purchased mdb5 pro and my account shows four downloads:

MDB4-jQuery-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-4.20.0 MDB5-STANDARD-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-4.2.0 MDB5-STANDARD-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-7.3.2 MDB-Gulp-Pro_4.20.0

I don't see any documentation what these four files are. All I want is access to a single file (which I assume is mdb.min.css) which has the pro licensed library - so I can build menus with it. I don't want to use a CLI because I will not be installing npm on the raspbian target machine. Can you explain or point me to a tutorial where I can use the library without the CLI and how to easily build and deploy my html flask pages?


Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 weeks ago

These files are four different versions of our package:

  1. MDB4-jQuery-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-4.20.0 - MDB version created based on Bootstrap 4 - this version is no longer developed
  2. MDB-Gulp-Pro_4.20.0 - A package containing configuration for gulp enabling, among other things, creating a custom version of the MDB4 package.
  3. MDB5-STANDARD-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-4.2.0 - MDB package created based on Bootstrap 5, but as the file name suggests, it is version 4.2.0
  4. MDB5-STANDARD-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-7.3.2 - Similarly to point 2, but version 7.3.2 - the latest version of the MDB package

You can find the installation instructions here: https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/standard/pro/installation/#section-manual-installation

TL;DR - download the MDB5-STANDARD-UI-KIT-Pro-Essential-7.3.2 package and unpack. There you will find JS and CSS files and an example index.html file that imports the necessary JS and CSS files. You need both a CSS and JS file. Without a JS file, most components will not function properly.

As for the question about the Sidenava example: Our documentation has been created in such a way that it contains a basic example with the full component code + additional examples. Additional examples in some cases will only contain code that differs from that of the basic example.

So, for example, if you wanted to use Sidenav with the right option, take the code from the basic example and make the changes found in the Sidenav right example - that is, just add the data-mdb-right="true" attribute to thenav` element

tirandagan pro answered 3 weeks ago

In addition, your docs strip out the actual details for building a menu. For example, sidenav sample code is:


What do I put instead of ...? specially formatted class of DIV? P? How do I structure sub menus?

Which classes are used to modify the menu items?

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