piechade pro asked 3 years ago

Hello MDB Team,

will there be a specific version of MDB for the individual technologies or a universal version?

How does MDB5 work with Angular?

The Beta documentation only show how to use it with plain JavaScript.

Adam Jakubowski staff answered 2 years ago

Hello @Maulik Modi,

The support forum is dedicated to technical questions.

All questions regarding MDB licensing, products, partnerships, and other non-technical queries - it should be asked directly to contact@mdbootstrap.com

I've reached out to you via the email address assigned to your mdbootstrap account.

Keep coding,

Adam From MDB

Maulik Modi free answered 2 years ago

hello @Michal Szymanski, As it is almost a year, want to know

  1. What is the minimum Angular version supported by MDB5 Angular?
  2. What is the maximum Angular version supported by MDB4 Angular?
  3. Is there any comparison table between MDB4 and MDB5 about supported widgets?

Eagerly awaiting your response.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 3 years ago

We will try to deliver first versions until the end of 2020, but it's a very uncertain estimation.

robshelby priority commented 3 years ago

Hi there. 2 months since you answered this. Just wondering if you still think Jan 2021 is still possible for MDB 5.0 Angular/Vue/React?

Sorry I keep asking. I'm just holding a project until this is released.


Michal Szymanski staff commented 3 years ago

Hello. The end of Q1 2021 is possible (March probably). Best,

robshelby priority answered 3 years ago

Do you have any timelines or goal dates?

Michal Szymanski staff answered 3 years ago


we will develop MDB 5 for Angular, React, and Vue in the future, but it's a really huge work so unfortunately, you need to be patient.

Right now it's only available with plain javascript.


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