Topic: MDBootstrap 5 PRO components doesn't work

Juicymo pro asked 2 years ago

When I am using Pro components via documentation they appears as default html components (such as select datepicker...). I am able to use custom theme, that is also possible thanks to Pro integration. So I think I have wrong imports for js files.

js import

import "mdb-ui-kit";

theme file and scss import

@import "~mdb-ui-kit/src/mdb/scss/";<br>@import "~my-styleguide/scss/color-theme";

I tried import js this wayimport "mdb-ui-kit/src/mdb/js/";

but there are some dependencies that i don't want to install but are needed for this file.

I installed mdb via npm.

I can't find any solution for this problem. Any ideas?

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

If you want to use only some components you can import single modules:

regarding additional characters, we have not encountered this error. What exactly doesn't work without changing deleting these quote marks in mdb.min.js?

I ran into a similar issue.

When I started debugging the framework source code I found quite a few instances of extra quote marks ( "​…᠎ ). Once we removed these from the .js files everything started working.

The first instance of that mark is in the mdb.min.js file, line 310, column 15780. The second is a few characters later.

That section of code looks like this:

{return i(function(){return!!re||"​…᠎"!="​…᠎"e||r\[e\].name!==e})

it should be:

{return i(function(){return!!re||"!="e||r\[e\].name!==e})

I found a total of 60 instances of those extra quote marks across all of the component files. Although the only two I've fixed so far were in the mdb.min.js file.

Juicymo pro commented 2 years ago

return i(function(){return!!r[e]()||"​…᠎"!="​…᠎"[e]()||r[e].name!==e})

This is how my code looks like and even after changing it to

return i(function(){return!!r[e]()||"!=᠎"[e]()||r[e].name!==e})

Does not help unfortunately. Thanks for tip.

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