Topic: Missing Team Management Features, Onboarding process hard to navigate

vicentereig priority asked 3 weeks ago

Hey there, I just bought an MDB Team license which came provisioned with only 1 set of tokens for developers to download the assets to work with them.

I had to upgrade to get extra tokens and the Team Management interface that I'm not succeeding at finding. I ended up with multiple subscriptions to different versions (7.2.1 and 7.2.0) which is confusing.


  1. Where can I provide my team access to MDB so they can start working with the MDB assets I just bought?
  2. Why I my initial Team license didn't allow me to add more than one developer? A team of 1 person should fall in the individual package.
  3. Can I talk to a human? I've found the onboarding process confusing and I feel like I'm being double billed after my initial purchase.
  4. Why am I suddenly automatically enrolled in two annual subscriptions? I'd like to approve it before it kicks in a year from now.

Rafał Radziszewski staff commented 3 weeks ago


Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm here to help clarify and resolve the issues you're experiencing.

To address your questions:

Team Access: You can manage team access through the My Orders panel. This will allow you to provide your team with access to MDB so they can start working with the assets you purchased.

Initial Team License: If you purchased a license for 2 developers, your account uses one token, and you can assign the second token to another team member. The initial team license allows you to add another developer.

Rest of the questions is being clarified via email :)

Best wishes Rafał

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  • MDB Version: MDB5 7.2.0
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