Topic: New to MDB and Coding. Trying to use MDB on Shopify

Noor Ar free asked 2 years ago

New to the scene and I'm trying to learn how to efficiently utilize mdb. I came across a few hiccups working on shopify. First, I tried downloading the stylesheet and uploading the file to just have it at hand when importing and the icons for the carousel weren't loading. All i saw was a square icons (first image) and I didn't understand how to fix it. when I used the cdn link however, things worked correctly (somewhat) with the buttons showing up correctly, but the indicators were no where to be seen (second image.) please note that i used the basic code for the carousel which 100% should have the indicators and when running the code locally things run fine so I'm assuming there is some similar name indicators in my stylesheet somewhere.

My question now is as follows: I feel like I have too many things from the stylesheet that I don't necessarily have any use for since I'm using mdb only for the carousel for now.

is there any way for me to just download/import the carousel components only without the hassle of fixing all the additional css that I have to counteract since i'm using the cdn? There are so many additional colors and hover effects that I have no interest in but got imported over due to the cdn link and now I'm just working on counteracting them.

My apologies for the beginner question and thanks in advance for the help.

first image

second image

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

You can use our webpack starter to create custom version of MDB. You can import only the components you need and build your own package: or you can use drag & drop Ui Kit Generator:

The lack of arrows and indicators may be caused by errors in the MDB implementation. Missing arrows are usually caused by missing FontAwesome import.

According lack of indicators, check if you have any errors in the console - maybe something went wrong in the production

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