Topic: Process to Modify Default Colors

tmdb priority asked 2 years ago

What is the procedure to modify default colors for MDB 5 Pro Advance. I.e primary, secondary. I would like to change my default color scheme to custom colors. There is a ton documentation on this site that is either frustratingly stale or do not work.

Please provide documentation on how to accomplish this with current builds.

albertorp priority answered 1 year ago

I've looked at that link, and installed via the Webpack starter, and I cannot find the file index.scss

Has there been any change?

I'm trying to follow several links for customising colors and it is very frustrating

Grzegorz Bujański staff commented 1 year ago

This file is still available:

After downloading the webpack starter you should have this file in your project. Unless you deleted it

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 2 years ago

Have you tried to use theming system?

tmdb priority commented 2 years ago

Thank You! I was able to figure it out and resolve the issue

albertorp priority commented 1 year ago

Yes, I did try, but I got stuck at this:

"Go to your project created with MDB Webpack Starter, open index.scss file located in src/scss/ folder"

Both when I started a project with the CLI using Webpack Starter, or just with the downloaded zip file, I could not find the index.scss file

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