Topic: Recompile MBD 5 from source and use content od custom/_variables.scss file

Slavik priority asked 3 years ago

Hi, could you please help me recompile MDB 5 from source. Thanks in advance Mira

Expected behavior Provide list actions - commands to recompile MDB 5 from source. Already have NodeJS, npm, webpack starter

When issued: npm run getMDBsrc --> mdb foder in webpack starter contains source files update "mdb\scss\custom_variables.scss" file npm run buildMDB (in webpack starter folder) dist folder contains MDB distribution files which will contain styles based on content "mdb\scss\custom_variables.scss" file

Actual behavior npm run getMDBsrc --> mdb foder in webpack starter contains source files

\MDB\Working\mdb-webpack-starter>npm run buildMDB

mdb-webpack-starter@3.0.0 buildMDB \MDB\Working\mdb-webpack-starter cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack --config webpack/mdb/ --colors

webpack-fix-style-only-entries: removing js from style only module: css/mdb.min.js

Just takes files from MDB\Working\mdb-webpack-starter\node_modules\mdb-ui-kit\css

Help me please Mira

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 3 years ago

It looks like you didn't change the SCSS import from node_modules to the file that was copied with the npm run getMDBsrc command.

Do as described in the mdb-webpack-starter manual:

copy the content from mdb/scss/ or mdb/scss/ to src/scss/index.scss.

Slavik priority commented 3 years ago

Hi Grzegorz, many thanks it works like a charm. Mira

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