Topic: Select Migration from Material Design for Bootstrap 4

hyliacom premium asked 1 year ago

Good morning,

We are migrating from Bootstrap 4 to version 5. We have integrated multiple selectors within modals that are loaded in real time on the web by ajax (They do not exist in the code).

In the previous version, once we loaded the modal, we used the following code to initialize ALL the MDB selectors;

$(document).ready(function(){$(\'#modal-form .mdb-select\').materialSelect();});

How should we currently do it with the latest version of MDB? In the documentation we have only seen the API section with initialization to a specific select.

Another use case we have to migrate. Before, using jquery, we could destroy a select, fill it with options and initialize it again, how would it be done now?

$('ID').materialSelect({ destroy: true });




Thanks for the help

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 1 year ago

To init all components on the page you can use code like this:

document.querySelectorAll('.select').forEach((selectEl) => {
    const instance = mdb.Select.getOrCreateInstance(selectEl)  

If you want to add new options to select this snippet can be helpful: In this example only new options are added, but all you have to do is add code in it that will remove the old options

hyliacom premium commented 11 months ago

Thank you very much Grzegorz Bujański,

With the first tests we could not make it work. But after a few changes the indications you have given us now work correctly.

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