Topic: Sorting Problem with datatable

kubik123 priority asked 4 months ago

Good morning, everyone.

I'm pretty new to mdb, so i'm still learning a lot of things. I'm using the datatable component to render an asset list. Everything works fine, except for sorting behavior.

I have a column that has a date in italian format: "DD/MM/YYYY".

I know that if i change the format to "YYYY/MM/DD", it sorts perfectly.

How can i achieve that? Is there a builtin function in datatable? Didnt find any JS Data Attribute that does that or let me specify type and format for the column

Thanks in advance.

PS: I build the datatable through JS not plain HTML

Grzegorz Bujański staff answered 4 months ago

Unfortunately, all data in the datatable is converted to a string. So they are sorted like a string. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change this behavior.

But soon we will release a new product - Data grid, which will be more advanced and will support sorting date columns.

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