Topic: Time picker color change issue

robbyirish free asked 3 years ago

Expected behavior class .timepicker-circle to respect css background colour.

Actual behavior Class .timepicker-circle ignores background color css and remains the default blue. Could this be because the colour is provided as an inline RBG value by the script and if so, how would be the best way to actually change the colour?

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Here's the CSS code I am using:

.timepicker-button {
    color: #000000;

.timepicker-head, .timepicker-middle-dot, .timepicker-hand-pointer, .timepicker-circle {
    background-color: #000000;

here's a snippet:

Michał Duszak staff commented 3 years ago

Hello, this circle is created with border. Try this:

.timepicker-circle { border: 14px solid #000000; }

robbyirish free commented 3 years ago

Hi Michal,

That only changes the colour when moving. As soon as a time is selected it is still the blue. Looking at the html it shows this:

<div class="timepicker-circle position-absolute" style="background-color: rgb(25, 118,         210);"></div>

That inline RBG value is the blue and overrides the background-colour I set for.timepicker-circle

Michał Duszak staff commented 3 years ago

Try,, { background-color: black; }

robbyirish free commented 3 years ago

that does the trick, thank you!


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