TreeTable event for new list of items

Topic: TreeTable event for new list of items

Maximilian Schulze pro premium priority asked a week ago


i have a question about the TreeTable. So I want a Treetable that when I click on an item it loads the next ul List of that Item.

For Example:

<div class="treeview" id="navigationTree" data-mdb-line="true"><ul><li>test one</li><li>test two</li></ul></div>

When I click on the element, data should be inserted via event.

For Example:

<div class="treeview" id="navigationTree" data-mdb-line="true"><ul><li><a>test one</a><ul><li>test three</li></ul></li><li>test two</li></ul></div>

Is it possible to create something like that? I get data via JQuery as JSON. I just don't know how to regenerate the TreeTable.

I hope someone can help me...

The select.mdb.treeview event might help you. You may get the info of a list to load in the items property, so that you can rerender the Treeview again with new data.

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