Topic: Treeview not displayed as expected

elmajed2007 free asked 2 years ago

Expect to display treeview as shown in snippet

but is displayed as shown in screen shotenter image description here

snippet :

the code in my side exactly the same as in snippet and all mdb components working well except Treeview

elmajed2007 free answered 2 years ago

No I haven't any console error and i replaced plugin by new one from my order MDB5 ,But take a look at rendered html blow may help you.enter image description here

elmajed2007 free commented 2 years ago

I replaced again and it's working m=now

Thank you

elmajed2007 free answered 2 years ago

I solved this, but i have new issue

I can't check parent node which expected to select all child nodes under it.

enter image description here

Michał Duszak staff commented 2 years ago

What is the version of your Treeview plugin? This bug has been fixed in the 2.0.4 version.

elmajed2007 free commented 2 years ago

My plugin version 2.27.0

Michał Duszak staff commented 2 years ago

Try to download plugin from your Orders once again, import freshly downloaded files and check if it now works. Also, do you experience any errors in the console?

Michał Duszak staff answered 2 years ago

Hello, make sure you imported Treeview plugin correctly - you can try to do console.log(Treeview) to see if the Treeview has been loaded properly. Also, you can try loading only Treeview in the project - your problems may be caused by some custom script.

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Specification of the issue

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  • Technology: MDB Standard
  • MDB Version: MDB5 3.10.1
  • Device: computer
  • Browser: crome
  • OS: windows 10
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