Topic: Failed to receive email regarding Gitlab account. Please help me get an Access Token.

LeeSeungin premium asked 2 months ago

Hello. Failed to receive email regarding Gitlab account. Please help me get an Access Token.

Seungin Lee free answered 2 months ago

SyntaxError: The requested module '/node_modules/.vite/deps/tw-elements.js?v=bf30e79b' does not provide an export named 'Toast' (at InspectionProductDetail.vue:38:26)

I'm working with vue3. When using pro, the above error appears. How do I resolve it?

Igor Przybysz staff commented 2 months ago

Hi, make sure you've properly installed the TW Elements Pro package. Check out the TW Elements Pro installation guide:

LeeSeungin premium commented 1 month ago

Step 1.

Download the package from orders

Step 2.

Unzip downloaded package and open it in the code editor

Step 3.

Explore our documentation (menu on the left). Choose components you like, copy it to your project and compose your website. And yes, it's that simple!

not working. How to install?

Igor Przybysz staff commented 1 month ago

If this method doesn't work, try out installation via npm

LeeSeungin premium answered 2 months ago

hello. Invalid login or password. is exposed.enter image description here

Rafał Radziszewski staff commented 2 months ago

Hi, I have checked your profile, you have a subscription to TW Elements Single Use. This tier does not include GitLab access. You can find more info about, what certain tiers give here: If you would like to upgrade your package please contact: via email

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 2 months ago

Hi, you can not connect to your Gitlab account or you just don't have the access token to download the package? The guide for generating a GitLab token can be found here:

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