Topic: Local documentation not working

Felix premium asked 2 months ago

Expected behavior I want to access the old docs. So I followed this guide:

Actual behavior When I try to run npm run docs:start, I get

Error: error building site: render: failed to render pages: render of "section" failed: "...\path\to\Tailwind-Elements\site\layouts\docs\list.html:2:68": execute of template failed: template: docs/list.html:2:68: executing "docs/list.html" – File is nil; wrap it in if or with: {{ with .File }}{{ .Dir }}{{ end }}
[watch:*hugo] npm run watch:hugo exited with code 1

Could someone please help me? I am a bit in a pickle since I have the legacy license for TWE and cannot upgrade because the checkout is not working (I have a code for free upgrading but the store is not working). And now I cannot access the old documentation because it is no longer provided on your website and I have already implemented features, that are now pro components with documentation behind the paywall. I must say I am a bit frustrateted because I feel locked out despite having payed. I wanted to save time using your framework not spending more :(

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff commented 2 months ago

Hey there, could you please share more details regarding the checkout issue? What do you mean exactly by "not working"? What happens exactly? Do you see any errors in the console? Maybe try clearing your browser cache or in incognito mode.

Felix premium commented 2 months ago

Hey, sorry for the multiple issues per question thing. I opened another thread for the checkout issue.

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 2 months ago

Hi! I think the issue may be with the hugo version. There are some issues with the latest one. Could you try to downgrade hugo to v0.106.0 and see if this fixes the issue?

As of the issue with checkout, I'll let our team know about that.

Best Regards!

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