Topic: A small collection of issues/findings.

KodisionRdService priority asked 1 year ago

I've been adding some controls over the past few weeks, and I've collected some of the issues I've found so far. I suppose it's a list of bugs and feature requests.


  • add-chip/delete-chip events always return the entire dataset with no way to find out which entries were added/removed.

  • No event for edited chips when the control has the editable property.

  • None of the events are cancellable. Not a major deal I suppose, but a little unfortunate. I can't prompt for confirmation when removing specific chips and stopping removal if declined.

  • Documentation is very limited.

    • When do placeholder/secondaryPlaceholder actually show?

    • What does chipSize expect?

    • I found the answers to both of these just looking at the source, but I feel this should be better covered in the documentation itself.


  • The way the row dataset is evaluated (as object or as array) is determined by checking if the first cell of the first row is truthy. Attempting to show data whose first column represents an ID, and the first cell contains ID 0 will result in errors because it thinks we're providing arrays instead of objects.


  • After selecting a value, when clicking back into the input field while the popup is fading out, it will instantly turn fully opaque before disappearing when the original fadeout would have stopped. After disappearing in this way it will not reappear until the field loses focus and regains it.


  • Validation tooltips never get changed. If validated once, only that tooltip will ever show up. If a control was invalid the first time the form is submitted, and you fix the error, it will never show the success tooltip. (I'm basing this on the examples on the Validation page, as I haven't implemented this myself.)

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 1 year ago

Hello! Thank you for your great support!


Since MDB Vue version 4.0.0 we are using v-model to handle the ChipsInput. You can listen on @update:modelValue event or create a watch to check the changes (but I think it emits twice right now, so we will have to check what is happening there)


I can see the issue in docs but it should work in a new app with MDB Vue package (for example, like here in my demo from VeeValidate tutorial, Let me know if missed something.

As of the rest of issues, I have added them to our to-do list to fix. Thanks again for letting us know!

Best Regards!

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