Topic: How to best save Values from Table Editor

bernspe priority asked 5 months ago

Expected behavior one would expect @exit event to be the best time to save changed values from table editor. Actual behavior However, when reading out table rows there is no change at this point of time. Changes are transmitted later. So what would be the best event to get the user-made changes from table editor (e.g. for transferring it to api) ? Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 5 months ago

Hi, have you tried to use the update event? This event is triggered after the table values are updated

bernspe priority commented 5 months ago

This is the same. @update does not allow to retrieve the current values.

Bartosz Cylwik staff commented 5 months ago

For me this code const update = (data) => console.log(data); after editing the row data returns returns an object with current columns and rows values. Does it show anything for you? I'm using the table-editor in version 2.2.0

bernspe priority commented 5 months ago

yep, thats true. So you have to get the data from the param not from the v-model ref, true?

Bartosz Cylwik staff commented 5 months ago

Yes because the event returns the current values of the table component

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