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박진호 priority asked 1 year ago

I customized the calendar plugin, but it's not changed

Changed default value of props in "calendar/src/components/MDBCalendar/MDBCalendar.vue" file.

ex) todayCaption: { type: String, default: "오늘", },

It was changed by modifying todayCaption in the "" file.

How can I make the changes in "MDBCalendar.vue" apply to ""

Thanks for the reply.

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 1 year ago

Hi! Did you copy the calendar files to your project? If editting won't work, try to edit MDBCalendar.vue.

Use the new, custom component by importing:

import { MDBCalendar } from "./path/to/the/edited/MDBCalendar.vue";

Instead of

import { MDBCalendar } from "mdb-vue-calendar";

Best Regards!

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