Topic: Mdb-select get selected value

Wojcik free asked 3 years ago

When i use "Material select PRO" a can't get selected value. I need help, With i can get selected value.

Regards Krystian Wójcik

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 3 years ago

All data is placed inside options data array. To get selected value You just need to find or filter the object with selected key set to true.

Here's an example options array with first option selected:

options: [
  { text: "Option nr 1", value: "Option 1", selected: true },
  { text: "Option nr 2", value: "Option 2" },
  { text: "Option nr 3", value: "Option 3" },
  { text: "Option nr 4", value: "Option 4" },
  { text: "Option nr 5", value: "Option 5" }

Best regards

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