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alejandro.primera priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior Hello, I am able to set up the table-editor plugin and it seems to be working as intended. The issue I am having is with the default table styling from this component. Just to mention few: the action icons are a way more higher than what is shown in the documentation, the font headers are not in bold, the padding between lines is too high (even when using the attribute sm), etc. What is the recommended way to customize the styling of the table editor? I tried to upload a screenshot file (jpg) but the system kept throwing error messages. I appreciate your prompt support

Actual behavior

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff commented 1 year ago

The image upload should work fine now ;) Sorry for the inconvenience.

alejandro.primera priority answered 1 year ago

Thank you!!!! I forgot to include the css file. Now it works perfectly

Hi, first of all styling is common across technologies and there should be no way that something elements are that different. In our prod and dev version of Table editor everything seems fine. Have you imported plugin's .scss file? Specific instructions can you find in this page.

Apologize for unvailable uploading screenshots, currently we are working to fix it. Instead could you upload it to some external hosting e.g. Imgur? It would be helpful for identyfing problem.

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