Topic: Where can I get source code?

chiplueck free asked 4 years ago

I have been given access to the git repository on, but all the source code is obfuscated. Should I be able to view the actual source code somewhere?

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago

We've just released a new version of MDB Vue with fixed source code issue.

Best regards

digitalmanagerguru free answered 4 years ago

Great to hear that. I was wondering the same. :) Would make our lives easier again.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago

Hi again,

You're right. Thanks for reporting about this issue. The files are placed in the repo, but are not included while installing via npm. We are now working on the next update which is going to be released on Monday (20.01). This issue will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards

londoh pro answered 4 years ago

Hi Mikolaj,

My apologies because i hadnt checked the git repo - and indeed the source .vue files are there.

I had looked in my local node_modules/mdbvue folder, but source was not (and is not) included there.

Like phopkins I install via "mdbvue": "git+","

but for some reason /src is not being pulled

(I'm currently on 6.2.0)



Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there again,

The source code always relate exactly to the current version of the code being released. After installing via npm you can get source code from node_modules and customize it at your discretion.

I think current structure should meet your expectations.

Best regards

Hi Mikolaj, currently I run an "npm install git+https://oauth2" command to get the latest version of the PRO source in a build folder which I can modify if necessary. I have just tried running this command on a test project and it still no-longer returns the source code.

Does the src folder in the GitHub folder you're referring to always relate exactly to the current version of the code being released via "npm install" or are their timing differences. If they relate exactly then I can do an npm install for the library and then download the source for debugging purposes from GitHub. If they don't exactly align then we'll need another way.

As mentioned above, previously I could access the code using "npm install", this would include a full production-ready copy of the source code for me to compile and use. Returning this ability would be my preference.

Thank you.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago, @londoh as You can see on the GitHub free version there is source code again in our repos: (src dir). The same situation is in our PRO version on GitLab.

Does this still not meet your expectations? If not we will think about a better solution.

Best regards

londoh pro answered 4 years ago

I've made my feelings clear about this as well...

When i first I purchased this product it included full unobfuscated source - which was then removed without any notice or discussion. I was told that they'd removed src because of stealing - well I'm not stealing - I'm paying!

It's been promised by MDB team that access would be reinstated, and I renewed my sub on the basis that they would do what they said. But as of 6.2.0 there is still no source included in package.

This needs to be rectified.

Additionally this is what your support people have been telling customers about the availability of the source code "After you made a purchase, you'll get the full source of the product"... I've made my purchase, please provide me with the source code. free commented 4 years ago

The status of this question has gone to "Answered"... where is the answer?

Hi, I have just upgraded from version 5.8 to version 6. Many of your controls (actually I'd say about 80% of them that I'm using) I have had to make substantial changes to as they either don't bind correctly or they have other significant bugs.

I was hoping to pick up a few bug fixes by upgrading and I'd move all my fixes over to your existing controls. As you can appreciate without the code I now need to move back to version 5.8.

I will not renew product support without access to the source code for the controls as the controls in their current form are unusable because they don't bind to the model correctly and this still hasn't been fixed.

Additionally, as another developer has mentioned, the documentation for this product is poor. I have had to refer to the source code in many places to find out about additional features of these controls.

Please provide the source code so that developers can continue to use your product.

In the meantime while you are correcting this... I purchased a Super Bundle which I haven't fully downloaded (as I wasn't expecting MDB to reduce their offering and not provide the source code any longer). I now need access to the earlier versions with the source code so that I can fix any further bugs in controls that I might require but I haven't downloaded as yet. How do I get access to earlier versions please?

Thank you. free commented 4 years ago

The status of this question has gone to "Answered"... where is the answer?

chiplueck free answered 4 years ago

This is not good. I purchased this package because your git pages had a "contributing" section which interpreted as it being open source. When I was evaluating the product, I was looking at the pre 6.0 version, so I saw the source code there.

I want to have access to the source for various reasons:

  1. The product is beautiful and has many useful features, but some of the components are not as full featured as I would like or contain bugs that I'd like to fix faster than you might be able to.

  2. Your documentation is pretty good, but sometimes it's lacking or incorrect. Source code is always the best and most accurate documentation.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 4 years ago

Thanks for your remarks. We will take this into account before next releases. Best regards

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 4 years ago

Hi there,

Since version 6.0.0 we don't provide source code. All code is bundled in index.js file inside lib directory.

Best regards

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