Topic: Date Picker Label Problem

Geo Statie pro asked 5 years ago

When I click on the label of the mdb-date-picker from the first photo, the label does not go up and the picker does not open. The picker opens and the label goes up just when I click on the center or on the icon. Could you help? Thank you!

        <div class="md-form">
            <mdb-date-picker formControlName="toDate" id="toDate" [inline]="true" [label]="'Orders.GridColumns.ToDate' | translate">

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 5 years ago

Thank you for reporting this problem, we will take a closer look at that.

Date picker is pro component and according to our system, you use free version. Please, provide us a number of your order or registered email to confirm your access to MDB Pro components and premium support.

You can send it to

Geo Statie pro commented 5 years ago

I sent the information you asked. Thank you!

Geo Statie pro answered 4 years ago

Thank you for your answer.

One more thing: When the date picker is in the bottom of the page, it gets overlaped by the footer. how could I solve this? could I open the datepicker above the input or how could I expand the page?

Bartosz Termena staff commented 4 years ago


Thank you for reporting the problem, we will take a closer look at that. I will keep you updated.

Best Regards, Bartosz.

Geo Statie pro commented 4 years ago

Hi! Any news on this matter?

Bartosz Termena staff commented 4 years ago


We're still working on it, I'll let you know when something changes.

Best Regards, Bartosz.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 5 years ago

Thank you for the email. We added 'pro' label to your mdb account. The problem with the label should be resolved in the next version of MDB Angular.

Geo Statie pro commented 4 years ago

Can you help me with a workaround until the next version? Thank you!

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

We will check that but I'm afraid that there is no easy workaround for this problem. We needed to change something in the internal code of the component and it's should be fixed in version 8.0.0 or later.

Can you upgrade your version from 7 to 8? Please note that there were some breaking changes both in Angular and MDB. You can read more about that here:

serhii free commented 3 years ago

Hello, it seems this issue wasn't fixed in version 8.0.0, because currently I'm using 9.3.1 and the bug still exists. I had to use this workaround (probably could be useful for someone):1) subscribe on calendarToggle:(calendarToggle)="calendarToggle(#your_calendar_component_id)"2) add this TS code: calendarToggle(el: MDBDatePickerComponent): void { if(!el.isOpen) { el.toggleInlineDatePicker(); } }\nP.S. probably you will have to invoke toggleInlineDatePicker using setTimeout.

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  • Technology: MDB Angular
  • MDB Version: 7.5.4
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