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itay pro asked 5 years ago

npm update fails with: 404 Not Found - GET - Not found

What changed ?

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago


It's not a glitch, bug or something wrong.

npm update command tries to updates every dependency which will find in your package.json file (even if dependency doesn't exist on npm registry).

After updating and adding ng-uikit-pro-standard to the package.json you would execute npm install command.

As I said before, ng-uikit-pro-standard is not downloaded from npm, but from our Gitlab server.

Best Regards,


itay pro answered 5 years ago

After few hours, npm update did work.

So, was it a glitch ?

What should I do after adding it to package.json ? npm i ?

Doesn't it mean that it is downloaded from npm ?

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear @mdb2

The ng-uikit-pro-standard is not available on NPM registry, so you can't execute npm update for this package.

If you want to update your whole project, you have to remove the ng-uikit-pro-standard from package.json file, execute the update and then add ng-uikit-pro-standard again to the package.json file.

Best Regards,


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