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Castillo pro asked 6 years ago

Hello. I have a question about the installation process from the version 4.3.7 Pro. When I bought this product I downloaded the, then I done the npm install and npm start, everything work fine the pro component and other things. Now I ask you, what is the purpose to do the 5min quickstart procedure in

Step 1:  Create new angular project using Angular CLI command:

ng new your-angular-project --style=scss
Step 2:  cd your-angular-project

Step 3:  GitLab npm install

  1. Visit  and log in , if you are PRO user and do not have account yet, please request one contacting us:
  2. From top right corner click at your avatar and choose "Setting → Access Tokens" or navigate directly to:
  3. Provide a Name for your token and choose "api" from scopes. Then click "Create personal access token"

Step 4 ...

Why I need a token for my project if this is working successfully?

Thank you

flakine pro answered 6 years ago

I'm trying to install angular pro version via npm, but cant login ( to get the token. Ho do I need a login? I emailed the contact email address, but can't get a response.

Castillo pro commented 6 years ago

if you are trying to install the pro version via npm i recommend you to use the instructions

flakine pro commented 6 years ago

Thank you for your comment, but my question has to do with getting the 'personal access token'. The instructions on the 5min quickstart (pro) page describes this.

Dawid Adach pro commented 6 years ago

@flakine, as discussed over email, your account has been created, if you haven't received activation mail please contact me directly at

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear Castillo, There are 2 options using our library. The zip which you have downloaded is a boilerplate which contains all components inside src/app folder as a part of your application. Second option is to use Node Package Manager (npm) , in this scenario , mdb will be installed as module under node_modules, basically ths is easier way to add MDB to an existing project.  

Castillo pro commented 6 years ago

Thank for your answer

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