Topic: MDB Select 2 not working

ARcode pro asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior mdb-select-2 working as expected, showing a list of items when clicked.

Actual behavior select drop-down not working. It doesn't show any inner element. The select box looks ok: enter image description here but when you click nothing happens. This seems to happen ONLY when the select is inside a modal, because if I place the select in another component (not modal), it works properly. However, it could be very handy to make it work inside of modals. Is this a bug? Or maybe it's me who is not importing the module in the modal component properly?

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) I used the example code shown in the documentation with no modifications.


Konrad Stępień staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @ARcode,

Yes, probably it is a bug. Could you send me a part of your code? Or tell me what example do you use.

ARcode pro commented 4 years ago

I was trying to build an example to show you but now everything works... After some research I found out why! The msb-select-2 started to work after I installed Angular Material (ng add @angular/material). If this is the expected behavior it would be nice to put it in the documentation. If not, it could be a bug or my mistake installing some dependencies that, luckily, Angular Material fixed for me.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

From version 9.0.0 we require @angular/cdk package. The ng add command probably added this package to your dependencies.

architech priority commented 4 years ago

I have the same issue. I've added @angular/cdk but issue remains.

Leadership free answered 4 years ago

After ensuring that both @angular/cdk and @angular/material were installed and up to date and trying the cdk-overlay-container fix I had no luck, what has worked for me and solved the issue I was having was creating a class that set the z-index to 1 and using this class as part of the ModalOptions in the containerClass field, I've also set backdrop to false.

This has the potential to break headers that have a higher z-index than your modal, simple fix to that is to just set the container class to a higher z-index.

Hope this helps while the issue is being resolved.

soumadeep free answered 4 years ago

Any luck with the issue. I am using mdb-select-2 inside a modal and the options aren't visible. It seems like the options are behind the modal window. I need a fix - can I use z-index? This is a bit urgent.


ARcode pro commented 4 years ago

Hi @soumadeep, Same thing happened to me. Indeed, I fixed it with z-index. I used the following class: .cdk-overlay-container{ z-index: 1051; } It seems modals are on z-index: 1050, so any higher value will make the ovarlay container visible over the modal.

Staff, if I said something wrong please correct me.

sKuD free commented 3 years ago

It works for me. I added .cdk-overlay-container { z-index: 1051 !important; }

in my style.scss file.

soumadeep free commented 3 years ago

Thanks! for the suggestions- appreciate it.

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