Print PDF more setting option is not shown

Topic: Print PDF more setting option is not shown pro asked 6 months ago

We are using default browser print option. In this we couldn't see more setting options when we are trying to save as PDF.


Please find the images in the below link for your references



Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 6 months ago

Could you provide more information about the problem and expected behavior? I don't see how it is related to MDB.

added MDB support page in print view for your reference. 


When we are using plain angular 6 application with window.print() is giving more setting option.
But when we integrated with MDB, More setting options is not displayed when we are saving as PDF.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 6 months ago

Thank you for the details. We will check if this problem is somehow related with our components.

Damian Gemza staff answered 6 months ago


We have tested it on Windows 10 & Edge, Windows 10 & Firefox, Windows 10 & Chrome, Windows 7 & Firefox, Ubuntu & Firefox, and we're not able to reproduce your problem - with every check there were a More settings option (or something similar).

I don't think that this problem is related to the MDB.

Could you please check your problem on another machine? Maybe there's problem with your browser / device.

Best Regards,

Damian pro commented 6 months ago

Hi Damian Gemza,

If it is working in your end please share some screenshot for our references. Because when we have debug deep found one class which is differ in angular 6 and angular 6 with MDB in windows 8/chrome browser version - 71.0.3578.98.

Angular 6 with MDB - print-preview-more-settings hidden

Angular 6 - print-preview-more-settings

When we are removing hidden class from chrome browser more setting option are getting enabled.

Waiting for your response

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 6 months ago

Looks like this problem is caused by bootstrap styles on @page element.

Please try to add this rule to your styles.scss:

@page { size: auto; }

Hi Damian Gemza,

We have tested with different browser and devices as well but still save as PDF not showing more setting option. Below I have attached(with/without MDB) video for more information . In both reference video we are using window.print().

Without MDB with angular reference

MDB with angular reference

Even I have try to save below url as PDF where I am not seeing any more setting option.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 6 months ago

We will take a closer look at this problem, but it is very strange and hard to debug. pro commented 6 months ago

Are you comfortable to have a call with us. So we will explain you better. If so let me know your availability for the call. 

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 6 months ago

We only provide support on this forum (or alternatively by exchanging emails). If it's possible please add some details to this topic or send them to me on:

Revature Pro pro answered 1 months ago

The problem was with bootstrap. Bootstrap explicitly has @page { size: A4; } We update it from A4 to auto

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