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CWI_MDB priority asked 4 weeks ago


Is it possible to run code when the user clicks on the 'Next' button in a Stepper component even though it fails the form validation?

What I'm trying to achieve is a popup to the user when the form validation fails but I can't see how this can be achieved? The form controls highlight red to indicate that they are required fields, but I would like to initiate a popup to the user as well.

I have also tried creating a custom validation function to fire on submit but it doesn't seem fire at all.

Many thanks,

thomas642daniel free answered 3 weeks ago

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Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 weeks ago

There are two events: stepValid and stepInvalid that will be fired for success/error validation. We will add them to the API page in the documentation because it looks like we forgot to do that.

I think using those listeners should help in this case. You need to add them to the <mdb-stepper> component:


CWI_MDB priority commented 4 weeks ago


Thanks for your response.

Can you tell me which version these events were added in at? I have tried and the event isn't firing. When I have checked the stepper.component.d.ts file there is only one event - stepChange - listed.

Many thanks.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 weeks ago

These events were added in v3.0.1.

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