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itay pro asked 5 years ago

Hi, As I read the change logs, I see that there are some several major issues that I need to address in my code, yet from the text, it is not clear what should I do so I ask for more info:

  1. Ver 6.3.0 Select - resolved problems with label styling. For the label to work correctly, we encourage you to add it via [label] input instead of HTML tag. What should I do exactly ?
  2. Ver 7.3.0 - Changing from 4 to 5 is not backward compatible, so we recommend updating the application to Font Awesome 5. What should I do exactly ?
  3. We also updated Bootstrap to the newest version (4.2.1) – What does it mean ?
  4. In Ver 6.2.6 - Resolved problem with 'ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError' in mdb-select filter input. Yet I still get that error when clicking an component
  5. Ver 7.2.0 - We encourage you to use mdb-auto-completer. What are the differences and why should I change ?
  6. Ver 7.1.0 - The mdbInputDirective directive has been divided into mdbInput and mdbValidate directives. When will mdbInputDirective not work any more ?

My current ver is 7.2.0

Thanks, Itay

Damian Gemza staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Itay,

Let me answer your questions in order which have you asked them:

1) If you want to use the label in your select component, please use the [label] property instead of creating the label as standalone HTML tag <label>.

2) You have to remove the old font-awesome library, and install the FA5 library called @fortawesome/fontawesome-free.

Also you have to change the imports in angular.json file:


3) It means, that in 7.4.0 version of MDB Angular we're using the Bootstrap 4.2.1.

4) Could you please provide me with more information about this problem?

5) The old mdb-autocomplete component was bugged. There were problems with checking the changes dynamically. The new mdb-auto-completer is much better because there you can define your own template.

6) The mdbInputDirective will be removed from the code in MDB Angular 8 (few weeks after releasing the Angular 8).

Best Regards,


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