Can Bundle Templates be made into one Website

Michelle Murray pro asked 2 months ago

Hi, I ran across your site today and it was a very pleasant surprise. I really love the jQuery Bundle Templates. I am new to creating a website with this technology so this is a learning project for me. I want to purchase a front end to go with a backend of Flask, Python, and PostgreSQL. I am interested in the SAAS, the magazine, the blog,  the eCommerce, and the Admin templates. I wanted to see if I purchase the bundle if it is possible to combine them into one single website? I need the features of the various functionality so it would be wonderful if I could have the site with the blog and eCommerce functionality combined. Plus to use the Admin as a backend. Please let me know if this is possible and if so I will purchase the bundle. Thank you very much. Michelle Murray

Ps asked me for version number but not quite sure, I want the current MDB Pro Templates

Jakub Mandra answered 2 months ago

Hello Michelle,

Glad to reed such nice words :)
Current version is 4.5.8, but we will release new version tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Of course you can combine everything together, change what you want, try to use other components from package and experiment.
All depends from your imagination. We provide you with UI tools to build whatever you want, your job is to use it in the best way which fits to your needs.

Integration with back-end should look same as with any other projects.
But to be clear, Admin template is a front-end solution, build to present your administrative information.

Best regards,
Jakub from MDB

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