Topic: Text and Buttons in one line

gerdhuber pro asked 4 years ago

**Expected behavior**I want to have all in one line without a linebreak. Please want have i to change.thank youGerd**Actual behavior****Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)**"

". "[". "

". "". "".$rowm['dt_titel_bez']."". ", von ".$rowm['Name'].$cloud_img. $cloud_link_uebversion. "". "

". "](\"viewhhcSibelius.php?pn_nr=".$rowm['id_titel']."&ueb_version=0&ID_HHC_Bilder04=".$rowm['ID_HHC_Bilder04']."&back=viewhhcnews\")". "

".$mm."". "

".$mm."". "

"![enter image description here][1] [1]:

Bartłomiej Malanowski staff commented 4 years ago

Could you please show us more details? Your code isn't enough to recreate your issue

MDBootstrap staff answered 4 years ago

Hi gerdhuber,

I created a snippet with an example for you:

If you need additional help I am here for you.

Best Regards, Piotr

gerdhuber pro commented 4 years ago

Thank you Reagrs Gerd

gerdhuber pro answered 4 years ago


thank you for your quick anser.

here is the whole hmtl-code-snippet in the attached png-fle. i want to have the text and the two buttons in one line like in the attached image.

thank you

enter image description here

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