Topic: Autocomplete text, value pair

gllermaly free asked 5 years ago

Hello , I have an autocomplete component working but I need to pass text , and value of each option. 

How can I achieve this? With getValue I can only get the text, and I could only pass arrays to this component , not objects to specity text and data fields.


Anna Morawska staff commented 5 years ago

Hi gllermaly,

the Autocomplete component is designed to receive an array of data.  As I've mentioned in response to your other question, we have plans to rewrite this component, so please let us know, what features would you like see implemented and we will consider it.  



gllermaly free commented 5 years ago

Please do! , a flat array of data is useless if we are pulling from database. It must receive an array of objects with text and value property at least.  Will be waiting for this, how much time can take something like this?

Anna Morawska staff commented 5 years ago

Ok, thanks, already added to our TODO list, thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I can't tell when it will be delivered, for now, we are focused on updating our documentation.

ppotter10 free commented 4 years ago

Agree with gllermaly. Any news on this?

Jakub Chmura staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @ppotter10,

Our autocomplete component is almost ready. We want to publish it in the main version 5.0.0 and it will happen soon.

Best Regards,


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