Topic: can elements of MDBSideNav appear outside the MDBSideNav?

Jens Krieg priority asked 1 year ago

Hi, i'd like to make an hover effect that shows the name of the links that are in the MDB SideBar outside the MDBSideNav as it is in slim Mode. There is a way to let them appears outside it?

i leave to screen shot with the effect i'd liked and what i see now

enter image description here

enter image description here

Krzysztof Wilk staff answered 1 year ago


You can use the MDBTooltip component and pass an MDBSideNavItem to it as a tag property. So the result should look like the below:

      <MDBTooltip tag={MDBSideNavItem} title="Category 1" placement="right">
          onClick={() => setSlimCollapse1(!slimCollapse1)}
          <MDBIcon fas icon="grin" className="fa-fw me-3" />
          <span className="sidenav-non-slim">Category 1</span>
        <MDBSideNavCollapse show={slimCollapse1}>
          <MDBSideNavLink>Link 2</MDBSideNavLink>
          <MDBSideNavLink>Link 3</MDBSideNavLink>

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